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Push FAQ: Controlling Instruments and Effects

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Can I use Push through MIDI and use my cherished synthesizer?

Yes, please use the External Instrument/Effect devices to send audio to an external synthesizer/effect and bring audio back into Live.

With Max for Live, you can do a lot more, e.g. control synth parameters from Push. You can even convert MIDI to CV with Max for Live if you have an audio interface that supports CV.

Is Push's browsing only limited to Ableton devices? Or will it be possible to enter 3rd-party plug-ins (VST, AU) and presets into the library so that they can be browsed and loaded from Push?

Push is primarily focused to work with Ableton devices, it's what we have the most control over and the most knowledge of. With Ableton devices, we try to have the 8 Macros laid out in a consistent way - so you almost always know which encoder to grab for a specific parameter.

With plug-ins, we currently can't access parameters in an automatic and consistent way, so you would be left with a way to load a plug-in, but not control it automatically. The workaround for the moment is to save a plug-in within an Instrument or Effect Rack, with parameters laid out as you'd like. Push both sees these presets in it's browser and automatically maps to the device controls.

I've saved a plug-in (VST, AU) or even an Ableton Instrument (like Sampler) to a Rack to which I have configured e.g. 32 of its parameters and I reopen this Rack via Push. Will it automatically populate 4 banks of 8 encoders each on Push, or will there be some additional manual assignment involved?

Push will automatically populate 4 banks of encoders (you need to press "In" to get to them from the top level).

Will it be possible to rename said controls on the Rack or will they only display those names sent from the plug-in (VST, AU)? The same with the banks -  let's say instead of Bank 1, 2, 3… it should say Filter, LFOs, Envelopes….

You can only rename Ableton device parameters, not the parameters of plug-ins.

If I load one of those Racks into a track and another instance of it into a different track, will Push be able to control each instance independently of the other?


I always wanted more than 8 Macros to use with my APC and Ableton devices. Will this be possible with Push?

Yes, you press "In" to access all parameters of an Ableton device.

How do I select parallel chains in Instrument Racks?

You press the "In" button to dive into an Instrument Rack, and move between parallel chains.

How easy is it to get to different banks of parameters? The worst was when there were only next/previous buttons for banks - I really hope Push has a way to directly select the bank I want to control.

You press "In" on a device, and you can directly select different banks of parameters.

Can the encoders automatically move start/end points for samples or the loop brace for clips?

In Clip Mode, you can set start/end/length of loops, and move the position of the loop brace. For drums (i.e. in step sequencing mode), you also a have a loop selector to quickly select and loop sections of a clip.

What can I do with the touch strip?

The touch strip can currently be used as a Pitch Bend controller. On drum tracks, you can also select Drum Rack banks with it.

How do you control Drum Rack sends from Push? Is it a quick button combo? And how to control the return devices?

Currently, you can't access sends of a Drum Rack. You can control returns in general by selecting a return track and sends by going to Pan/Send Mode or Track Mode.

I'm not sure if you are talking about Macros or Configuration Mode in conjunction with plug-ins (VST, AU).

It's kind of a combination - Configuration Mode lets you set up parameters in a way that Push can access them, and grouping a plug-in to a Rack lets the browser see it.

E.g. with some plug-in, use Configuration Mode to map 16 parameters. Once you've done this, you automatically see the first 8 parameters on Push's screen. If you press the "In" button, you can get to different banks (16 parameters will give you bank 1 and bank 2 to choose from). If you group the plug-in and save it as a Rack, it shows up in Push's browser as a preset, too.

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