No MIDI ports available in Live after upgrading the Mac OS

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: OS X


  • MIDI hardware doesn't work anymore in Live after upgrading the Mac operating system or after using Apple's Migration Assistant.
  • In Live's Preferences → MIDI tab, no MIDI ports are listed.
  • Live may take a long time to launch.


A corrupt or incompatible MIDI driver.


  • Make sure Live isn't running.
  • Open the Audio MIDI Setup utility. It can be found under /Applications/Utilities/.
  • In the Audio MIDI Setup show the MIDI Window.
  • Click into the configuration chooser and select “New Configuration…”.
  • Close the Audio MIDI Setup.
  • Start Live again.
Audio-MIDI-Setup Lion


  • If this doesn't help, it might be necessary to remove all MIDI drivers from the system, for example when the error message "The MIDI Server can't be opened" appears
  • Please find a description how to do that on this external web site.
  • MIDI drivers can be re-installed afterwards.

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