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Live 9 FAQs

What is new in Live 9?

Please check out our Live 9 tour.

What are the differences between Live 9 Intro, Standard and Suite?

Please see this feature comparison chart for more information.

How do I get a personalized pricing information for Live 9 or Push?

Check out your personal up-to-date pricing and options for Live 9 and Push.

Please note: if you already own an Ableton product, you will need to log in to your account in order to see your personalized upgrade pricing.

Which version of Max is Max for Live based on in Live 9?

Max for Live in Live 9 is based on Max 6, the latest version of Max from Cycling ‘74.

What if I want to upgrade my educational version?

You can upgrade educational versions of Live (and extend it with add-on products) at standard pricing. As of Live 8 we no longer offer educational discounts on upgrades or add-on products. We continue to provide an educational discount of 40% on new licenses.

What are the Live 9 system requirements?

System requirements for Live 9

Why is the feature I wished for not included in Live 9?

We decided to focus on some of the most often wished features in Live 9, such as Session Automation recording, Automation curves, 64-bit support and a better MIDI editor. Some other features couldn't be implemented at this point, but rest assured, we keep track of them in our internal wishlist.

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