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What is the best way to switch to the official Live 9 release after having used the Live 9 Beta?

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Live 9.0.1 does not copy the Live 9 Beta Preferences, and it will therefore be necessary to configure your Library paths and every other setting once more.

If you have installed a number of Live Packs while using Live 9 Beta, Live 9.0.1 might not recognize them or list their content correctly when pointing the software to the Packs directory.

Since the Live Packs have been updated for the Live 9.0.1 release, it is highly recommended to download and reinstall all available Live Packs.

If for some reason you intend to keep on using the previously installed Live Packs and the previous Preferences configuration, you can manually copy the content of the Live 9 Beta Preferences folder and paste it into the Live 9.0.1 Preferences folder.

These directories can be found under:

  • Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Ableton\Live x.x.x\Preferences\
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8: \Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live x.x.x\Preferences\
  • Mac OS X: /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live x.x.x/

Since these paths are hidden by default, it will be necessary to enable displaying hidden folders under Windows and OS X.

Max for Live Packs

If you have installed the Core Max for Live Pack during the early days of the Live 9 Beta, you might end up using an outdated version of Convolution Reverb. One symptom would be that no output for the Wet signal is to be heard even if an Impulse Response has been correctly loaded into the device.

We recommend deleting this Live Pack and making sure to install the latest Max for Live Essentials Pack.

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