Try Melodics in the classroom


Details on the project

Ableton’s education team would like to learn how to support you, and ultimately to help your students develop their musical skills (while having fun).

This project is run to answer questions such as:

  • How can Melodics be used in a tradition music class?
  • How can Melodics best be used?
  • How does Melodics fit into the current music curriculum?
  • Do the students like it, and does it increase their engagement?

Please note that while Melodics recently added support for keyboard and electronic drums, we are currently focussing on pad playing and finger drumming.

You can use Melodics in class any way you see fit. Here are some ideas for some common use cases:

  • Supplement teaching around music theory and concepts such as note values, bars and syncopation in an active and engaging way.
  • Deconstruct contemporary rhythms and arrangements.
  • Provide extra-curricular activities and homework related to core curriculum.
  • Give students a fun musical activity to act as a break from your regular curriculum.
  • See progress and increased motivation from five minutes of regular practice per day.
  • Gain familiarity with Push while reducing the complexity of the hardware and software interface.


You will be issued licenses and can start getting familiar with Melodics: second half of April (don’t worry, Melodics is easy to use).

Use Melodics in class
Early May to end of June.

Provide feedback
First half of July (before the end of your school term, ideally).

Please note, that you of course can continue to use Melodics in your classroom after this project finishes. We would, however, like to get your feedback by mid-July.

Melodics Accounts

An email address is required to create a unique account. The Melodics experience is individualised by design for several reasons:

  • To unlock and progress through lessons and course content.
  • To measure an individual’s improvements and to achieve goals.
  • To use game mechanics to encourage and reward.

Since there may be reasons or regulations for not using a student’s email addresses in an educational context, we offer the following two options:

Option 1: Individual Accounts

Sign up options include using:

  • A student’s private address.
  • A personalized email address provided by the school.
  • An anonymous email address per student, provided by the school.

Option 2: Group Account

Each student can log in with one and the same generic email address and credentials, created and managed by the school.

This provides access to the same lessons and courses. The individualized experience would be lost with this option, however – the journey, progress measurement, goals and reward mechanisms would not produce meaningful results.

Once logged in with your accounts, you and the students will have access to several selected courses by entering a unique code we will give you. In exchange for your feedback, we offer you a free, one-year upgrade to Melodics Pro, including access to all the lessons and course content for pads, drums and keys.

Students can also use Melodics at home if they have a pad controller. Melodics also has a free controller app for iOS available at

How to participate

How to ask questions and provide feedback:

At the end of the project we’ll send you a questionnaire. We might also ask some questions during the initial test period.

Installation and getting started

Get started

FAQs and installation guide