Dmitry Odinoky (Riga)


Dmitry Odinoky

Dmitry Odinoky got involved in music in 2003, starting with Russian hip-hop and gradually expanding his universe to include sound, coding and engineering. He worked in local radio stations and recording studios as a mixing engineer, beatmaker, producer and manager. In 2007 Dmitry began to focus on educating young people and in 2009 he collaborated with Dynamic Records to build the first modern music production and sound engineering school in the Baltics. Currently he runs a training center in Riga, Latvia which is equipped with Live 9 and Push (6 workstations) and a high-standard recording studio.

Ableton Live 9 classes include electronic music production, band production and stage performance for individual and group training for up to six students max. Remote training via Skype and Team Viewer are also available.

Languages: English, Russian, Latvian



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