Dankmar Klein (Cologne)


Dankmar Klein

Dankmar Klein has been a product specialist with Ableton for a long time. He leads workshops and teaches all over Europe on a wide range of topics related to the practical use of Ableton Live.

Dankmar's clients include musicians, DJs and producers, theaters (like Berliner Ensemble/Berlin, Thalia/Hamburg or Schauspiel Cologne), clubs, broadcast and radio stations, musical and event companies, universities, private universities, festivals, fairs, stores, distributions, user groups, studios and composers. In 2008, Dankmar was awarded "Best Product Specialist 2007" by Ableton. His interests include music production, live gigs and DJing for different kinds of minimal techno and house music. He has had releases on popular internationalists/kompakt. He is the founder of the DJ collective "sample minds," and he composes and produces for clubs, theaters, fashion shows, commercials, broadcast, radio and audio books.



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