OMiD Academia de Áudio (Sao Paulo)


OMiD Academia de Áudio

OMiD Academia de Áudio is an institution specializing in forming Recording Engineers, Musical Producers, and Musical Composers ( The institution also operates a fully equipped recording studio and production suite ( Theoretical classes are held in São Paulo's main music avenue of Teodoro Sampaio, where all the major music stores are located. The hands-on classes are held in our professional studio complex, which has earned a reputation throughout Brazil for its excellent production quality. Next to Ableton Certified Trainer, Omid Bürgin, who has been selected Brazil's "Recording Engineer of 2005", OMiD's faculty includes Grammy-award winning recording engineers. During their studies, OMiD's students have full access to professional recording studios and can receive remote instruction via live streaming over the internet.

Each OMiD Program is divided into five Courses with each course addressing a specific area. Students who take all courses will receive the Master Certificate, upon successful completion of all courses. The learning philosophy at OMiD is based on a social constructionist model: the student constructs the knowledge through social interaction with others and the learning material. All learning packages consist of a workbook for the participants and an interactive site, providing students with downloadable supplementary materials. All materials are original and up-to-date, reflecting Omid's vast experience in the fields of Recording and Studio Design.


Ableton Certified trainer:
Omid Burgin


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