Yunnan Ableton User Group

About the group:

这里是云南 Ableton Live 的官方用户群。

我们通过 Ableton Live 来探索声音创造的无限可能以及音乐和感官为何能使人们在某个时空、过去、未来以及当下的瞬间「让彼此的灵魂产生共鸣」。

我们的愿景是为沉迷并热衷于 Ableton Live 以及愿意探索并了解 Ableton Live 的伙伴们设置一个相互探讨、了解、学习、分享与创造的社区,并以创造与合作为目标,一同与本地区所有志同道合的朋友、艺术家、听众一道把大家热爱的事物以最佳的方式进行呈现。

欢迎云南地区的使用者、学者及听众的加入,愿我们一并组成彩云之南的 Ableton Live 社区。或许你和我一样心中还怀揣着梦想和理想,那让我们一起在声音的无限宇宙中遨游。我们乐于为所有人提供帮助与建议,并一同去开创未知的领域,让平凡的我们在 Ableton Live 的宇宙里无限探索。


This is the official Ableton User Group of Yunnan.

Through Ableton Live, we aim to explore the infinite possibilities of sound creation and why music and the senses can make people "resonate with each other's souls" in a certain time, space, past, future and present moment.

Our vision is to set up a community of mutual discussion, understanding, learning, sharing and creation for music-makers who are addicted to and passionate about Ableton and willing to explore and understand Ableton Live together, and to work with all like-minded people in the region with the shared goal of creation and cooperation. Friends, artists and listeners all work together to present what everyone loves in the best possible way.

We welcome all users, scholars and listeners from Yunnan to join us. May we form the Ableton Live community "in the south of the clouds", as we say in Yunnan. Maybe, like me, you still have musical dreams and ideals in your heart, so let's travel together in the infinite universe of sound. We are willing to provide help and advice to everyone, and work together to find unknown sonic territories, so that ordinary people can explore infinitely in the universe of Ableton Live.




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