Shenzhen Ableton User Group

About the Group:

欢迎来到深圳 Ableton Live 官⽅⽤户群。

本群组旨在为居住在深圳区域内的 Ableton Live ⽤户搭建⼀个以学习、分享及合作为⽬的的开放式交流平台,⽆论您 是职业⾳乐制作⼈,或是对电⼦⾳乐制作感兴趣的初学者,我们都竭诚欢迎您的加⼊。

我们会不定期地分享学习资料及制作技巧,并举办线上及线下的交流活动,第⼀时间将最新的制作技巧及官⽅信息分享 给⼤家。

如有兴趣加⼊深圳⽤户群组的朋友请将您的微信 ID 发送⾄以下邮箱:

Welcome to the Shenzhen Ableton User Group.

This group aims to build an open communication platform for Ableton Live users who live in the Shenzhen area for learning, sharing, and creative cooperation. Whether you are a professional music producer or a beginner who is interested in electronic music production, we sincerely welcome you to join.

We will continuously share learning materials, hold online and offline workshops to share the latest production skills and official information with everyone.

If you are interested in joining our Shenzhen User Group, please send your WeChat ID to the following email:



赵万 Wan

Photo by Jacky.Ng