Shanghai Ableton User Group

About the Group:

The Official Ableton Live User Group in Shanghai.

Whether you're an expert, novice, or somewhere in between, what counts is that you enjoy Ableton Live and want to learn, share, collaborate, and get together. Join us for artist demonstrations and open discussions on working with Ableton Live.

You can send us an e-mail and we will invite you in our Wechat group discussion.

这是上海Ableton Live的官方用户群。无论你是专家,新手,或者介于二者之间,最重要的是你享受使用Ableton Live的过程,并且愿意学习,分享和合作。我们欢迎所有喜爱Ableton Live的人加入我们的交流会和开放讨论。你可以给我们发送电邮,我们会邀请你进入官方微信讨论组。


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