Melbourne Australia Ableton User Group

About the Group:

Melbourne’s Ableton Live Users Group is a collective of producers and musicians of all skill level drawn together by their interest in learning and sharing the creative processes available to them using Ableton’s ‘Live’ music software.

We hold free monthly meet-ups at a space called The Channel in Arts Centre Melbourne, right in the heart of the city on the Yarra River. Attendees get to share their own music with the group, ask creative or technical questions about music production, and listen to featured guest speakers.

Some of the local and international Ableton gurus we’ve had speak at our events have been Tom Cosm, Mr. Bill, DJ Kuya, Mike Callander, Adam Maggs, AMB, Winterpark, BenAtWork, LostBeat & Tom Spencer.

But it’s not just about the great guest speakers we have each month. The group facilitators encourage all members to bring their laptops, hook up to the projector and PA system and share their creative processes and new tracks with the group. It’s a great way to learn new things, get some critical feedback on your new music and meet like minded producers.


Ben Murphy

Matt Ridgway