Grenoble Ableton User Group

About the Group:

The Ableton User Group Grenoble is for all interested Ableton Live users based in (or visiting) Grenoble, France. Beginners are more than welcome.

The meetings are in French :-)

The aim of the Group is to help Live users share knowledge about music creation in an informal environment.

The meetings encourage participants to suggest discussion themes and presentations related to:

  • Ableton Live
  • Live controllers like Akai APC, Push, LIVID Instruments, Novation
  • Any kind of Hardware machine (Arturia Mini Brute, Arturia Beat Step, Moog synths, Native Instruments Maschine, etc.)
  • Do It Yourself Musical projects (Shruti or the LXR Drum Machine, etc.)
  • Music¬†Book reviews: which books do you recommend to learn about music creation ?¬†

We don't restrict ourselves to Ableton usage:  We have artist meetings and expert talks which aim to give an insight into the music creation process. We often invite the Arturia team (who support our Ableton User Group in Grenoble) to present their projects. We discuss how Ableton Live is used in different production and performance contexts and good practices for optimizing music creation workflows. We also conduct interviews of professional and semi-professional artists. 

Our meetings often finish with a live or DJ set performed by one participant. 

The meet-ups take place monthly at Café de la Table Ronde in Grenoble. Our meetings last 2 hours, each topic are 15 minutes max. length to give rhythm !

For actual dates please visit our official Web page page:

Ableton User Group Grenoble Website

Ableton User Group Grenoble Forum