Chengdu Ableton User Group

About the Group:

This is a Chengdu-based platform dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of music production in Ableton Live.

We’re seeking to facilitate a friendly forum for Ableton-related discussion and support, as well as workshops and meet-ups. Whether you’re an aspiring producer or a professional musician, this group is open to all Ableton Live users who are keen to learn, share and connect within a diverse community of Chengdu-based music makers.

If you are interested in joining, please send your WeChat ID to and we will add you to the official WeChat group.

这是成都 Ableton Live 的官方用户群,我们致力于探索 Ableton Live 音乐制作的无限可能性。

我们希望建立一个 Ableton 相关话题的讨论小组,为用户提供一个自由交流与互相支持的平台。我们会为用户策划音乐作坊和用户分享会

等活动。无论您是一个初出茅庐充满抱负的制作人还是一名行业精英音乐人,这个用户群为所有想在成都音乐社区中学习、分享和交流的 Ableton Live 用户开放。



Kristen Ng

Photo by John Yingling