Minneapolis Ableton User Group

About the Group:

The Minneapolis Ableton Live Users Group is hosted and organized by Ableton Certified Trainer James Patrick and hosted at Slam Academy, an Ableton Certified Training Center.
Each Live Users Group meeting in Minneapolis showcases a variety of techniques for every skill level, beginning with the basics and leading up to a show and tell session of advanced techniques by guest artists. The Slam Academy is a casual venue that encourages hands on learning in a real-world setting.

All Users Groups in Minneapolis feature local guest artists and Certified Trainers from the area. Slam Academy is also the home of many dedicated Ableton courses, and the only official and listed Max for Live institution in Minnesota.    

Other Slam Academy Faculty members include:
J. Anthony Allen, PHD. - Ableton Certified Trainer and Max for Live guru.
Leon J. - Ableton Certified Trainer and DJ/Mix engineer expert.
John Keston - Sound Designer and multi-instrumentalist - www.audiocookbook.org
Andrew ""Ronin"" Lucas - Hip Hop producer and engineer, Pro Tools expert.

Meeting Location:

Slam Academy
Ableton Certified Training Center
1121 NE Jackson St #142
Minneapolis, MN 55413



Brian Lorelle

James Patrick