Manchester Ableton User Group

About the group:

Manchester MIDI School is proud to be part of the Ableton user community. Ableton user groups are a way of bringing together like-minded individuals to share their love of Ableton Live & Push, in the hope that we can all learn from one another, advancing our knowledge and understanding of music creation with these great tools. 

The Manchester MIDI School Ableton user group meetings are held every 2 months. If you would like to attend one of these meetings and become part of the Ableton user community in the North, please join our group, and confirm attendance to events.

Topics covered at these events include:
- Deconstructing tracks from signed producers
- Playing live with Live and Push
- Time remix challenges
- General music production workshops

Of course this is completely open-ended and defined by the group! Please also remember this sessions are completely free.


Dave Shocon

Jack Barton



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