yoyosonic music institute

  • Hamburg Germany

yoyosonic music institute, YMI, is Germany's first and only school dedicated exclusively to digital DJing and digital music production. The number one priority at YMI is to assist and support each of its students individually in their musical creativity by addressing their specific needs.

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A well-trained team of professional producers, DJs and musicians guides students through the almost infinite opportunities the digital music world can offer, helping students find their own style and expression.

YMI is proud to be the first DJing and digital music production school bringing Ableton's high standard for training Ableton Live 8 to Germany. A variety of Ableton classes covers the full range of how to create, produce and perform music with one of the best software packages in the business, for beginners and advanced users:

  • Ableton Live Fundamentals: Learn how to make your own music with Ableton Live 8.
  • DJing with Ableton Live: Dedicated to Ableton Live's unique strength in live performance for digital DJing.
  • Ableton Live Producer: Get a deep holistic understanding of Ableton Live's revolutionary musical production concept.
  • Mixing with Ableton Live: How to use Ableton Live's for (re)mixing and mastering music.
  • Ableton Live Professional: Become a real professional in using Ableton Live.

For more detailed information on YMI's course offerings for Ableton Live 9, visit www.yoyosonic.com

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