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  • Hangzhou Zhejiang China

Jointly launched by NetEase’s electronic music brand FEVER and award-winning Music Production School Point Blank, Point Blank China is the first official Ableton Certified Training Centre in the Greater China Region. / 由网易电音品牌放刺 FEVER 与全球著名电音制作学院 Point Blank 共同推出的网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)位于浙江国家音乐产业基地萧山园区杭州国际博览中心,是大中华区首家 Ableton 官方认证培训中心。

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Point Blank China currently offers six types of courses with 19 different pathways to choose from. These include the popular Intro to Music Production, Music Composition, Sound Engineering and Mastering, Mixing and Mastering, Native Instruments Maschine, Art of Mixing and a series of DJ courses ranging from basic to advanced and many more.

Located in Zhejiang National Music Industry Base at Hangzhou’s International Expo Center, Point Blank China runs parallel to its London mothership school and features the highest standard of teaching using state-of-the-art equipment. The new 6000 square meter space encompasses a DJ classroom, music production room, music industry classroom, practice room, recording/mixing room, performing area, break-out area and more. The team of lecturers at PB China includes Ableton Certified Trainers and industry experts who are fully equipped to teach the ins and outs of music production, DJing, music industry practice and more.

Point Blank China is also set to become a higher education institution issuing Bachelor Degrees and Masters Degrees and provide professional career advice to those who wish to break into the music industry. Learn more at: https://www.pointblankmusicschool.com/courses/china/


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网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)目前开设包括音乐制作、DJ技能、流行歌曲演唱、音乐产业等在内的6大系列共19门分类培训课程。学院开设的音乐制作课程、作曲课程、声音工程及母带处理课程、混音及母带处理课程、基础技巧到高阶认证DJ课程等均广受学员欢迎。

网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)在教学质量、师资水平和音频制作设备上延续了Point Blank伦敦总部的国际领先水准。网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)占地6000平方米,设有DJ 教室、音乐制作教室、音乐产业教室、录音/混音室、练习区、表演区、休闲区等功能区域,配备有包括SSL(Solid State Logic) Duality Delta在内的行业领先专业录音设备。在网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)任教的专业导师团队拥有着丰富教学经验和从业经历,且大部分拥有Ableton官方认证导师资格证明,将从理论到实践对学员进行全面辅导。

此外,网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)还致力在未来发展成为可颁发学士学位和硕士学位的高等教育机构并且将为学员提供专业的就业指导服务,帮助意欲从事电音音乐行业的学员真正完成从电音爱好者到电音从业者的身份转变,而由全球荣誉学员组成的校友网也将是帮助学员事业起步的重要基石。此外,受益于Point Blank在全球范围内广泛分布的校区网络和合作资源,网易放刺杭州电音制作学院(Point Blank China)的学员将拥有前往海外交换学习和实习就业的宝贵机会。前往官网了解更多信息:https://www.pointblankmusicschool.com/courses/china/

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