Free Stuff Friday: Techno Loops, Japanese Taishokoto & Vintage Noise Samples

Welcome to Free Stuff Friday - a new weekly post that does exactly what its name suggests: sharing cool freebies, every Friday. Each week we'll be picking the best sounds, packs, patches and instruments we've seen from the Ableton Community, and passing them onto you to take into your weekend of music-making. 

Taishokoto from Fidelitarium

The Taishokoto is harp-like instrument from the Japanese Taisho era in the early 20th century. Strummed with one hand and keyed with the other, it features both plucked and sympathetic (drone) strings. Phillip Jackson at Fidelitarium has shared a free Instrument Rack made of samples from the Taishokoto - preview it above and head to Fidelitarium to download for Live.

Noise, Hiss & Crackle from SampleRadar

Modern digital recording and playback might have eliminated tape hiss, vinyl crackle, and other analog noise, but sometimes you want that special character in your tracks. For example, listen to how sampled (and filtered) vinyl noise adds a gritty character to Burial's signature tune, "Archangel":

Get an arsenal of analog noise samples for free with MusicRadar's sample pack - featuring 502 different samples of warm hiss, crackle, and other audio blemishes.

Techno & Funky House Loops from Loopmasters

Our friends at Loopmasters have shared some free sounds from their latest packs. Above, preview sounds from UMEK's "Sounds from Behind the Iron Curtain", with a focus on slamming techno. Download free sounds from UMEK.

On a smoother tip, Sebastian Léger's "Funky Tech House" collection does exactly what it says on the cover - preview it above and download 90 MB of loops for free.

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