Free Stuff Friday: Pebble Synth, Free Jazz Rack, and a Classic Foot Pedal

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From effects racks to impulse responses to Max for Live synths, Free Stuff Friday is here again, packed with production freebies from the Ableton community to send you off on a weekend journey of musical creativity.


Rock It

First up, Rocks to Riches, a unique Instrument Rack from Rory PQ, constructed from rock samples - no, not the genre but actual, physical, rocks. You can grab Rory’s final pack and start using it in your tracks, and in the video below, he shows his process from the sounds of those pebbles shuffling around on a plate, to a lush deep house organ sound; you’ll be surprised just how musical rocks can be!
Download Rocks to Riches


Open the Box

Whitebox Synth Makers have been making Max for Live synths, Instrument Racks, and Effects Racks for a while now - preview the sounds of their mysterious “Spotfield” Max for Live instrument in the audio sample above. From the spectral tones of the Tenser 2 “drone thing” to free jazz generating Rack Arcturus, there’s a whole treasure trove of free downloads to be explored over at the site.
Whitebox Synth Makers


Impulse of a Legend


Live 9’s Convolution Reverb can accommodate any impulse response (or IR) sample you throw into it. To that end, Bedroom Producers Blog has collected a set of IRs sampled from the legendary Boss GT-8 multi-effects unit. With a pioneering history in stompbox effects, Boss effects have been used by guitarists, keyboard players, and others for decades. the GT-8 IRs are available both as raw waveforms, and as presets for Live 9’s Convolution Reverb, ready to launch.
Download the GT-8 IRs