Free Stuff Friday: Acoustic Drums, Dave Smith Tetra, plus a New Way to Control Clip Parameters

Another week bites the dust, and its time once more for Free Stuff Friday! This week’s freebies include a versatile acoustic drum kit from us, some imaginative synth drums, and a Max for Live device that offers a quick way to organize and control parameter settings by Clip.


An extra fistful

A little while back, we released “A Fistful of Drumkits”, a set of characterful acoustic drums from Drumdrops. Along with that release came a free extra Pack, featuring another kit with multisamples from different kits. Packed with the character of a solid acoustic drum set, Recording Hybrid Kit is a great-sounding, all-purpose drum kit.
Download Recording Hybrid Kit


Clip your effects

Automat animates Collision

Automat animates Collision

Think of Benniy Bascom’s AUTOMAT as a quicker, simpler clip envelope - take a given value on a track, and set it for a clip. Want your filter to open/close depending on the sequence? Want to switch the flanger off when you trigger the bridge? Here’s an easy and immediate way to recall effect settings by clip, via Max for Live.
Download AUTOMAT


Tet a Tetra


With four voices and the juicy sound you’d expect from analog gear, the Dave Smith Instruments Tetra has become a modern classic in desktop synthesizers. Ableton Certified trainer Xavier Jacques has created a kit of pounding, futuristic drum sounds from the Tetra, including multiple variations for each sound. The whole kit is available as a free Live Pack from Ableton Live Expert.
Download Tetra Analog Synth Drums


That’s all for this week - happy music-making. Got some free stuff you’d like to share with us? Tag us on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to use #MadeWithLive.