Carmen Rizzo, Remixer, Producer and Programmer


Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo is a prolific remixer, producer and programmer whose work takes him all over the globe. Nominated for two Grammys, Rizzo has worked with such diverse artists and producers as Michael Nyman, Trevor Horn, Don Was, Supreme Beings of Leisure and Paul Oakenfold. Equipped with an arsenal of computer-based gear that includes Pro Tools, Reason and Live, Rizzo is able to work quickly and produce many styles of music.

Rizzo started using Live because it allowed him to play with different ideas in ways that foster his creativity. Now, he uses it everyday. "It's amazing how stable the program is. All these options, and honestly, the thing never crashes! Whether I am in OSX or 9, it just works and sparks creativity. Sometimes, you lose ideas and directions because you end up spending too much time in the process. With Live, that process is easy and quick--allowing me to try different things, and then other ideas are born."

Live has changed Rizzo's working process completely. He loves the way it stretches sounds so easily and the effect that produces. He works much faster, creating his own sounds on the fly. His favorite feature in Live is the ability to change tempo without changing pitch. For remixes, it is a must. "I usually put the vocal in first and start to play with the loops to see what I should or shouldn't do. No other software is set up to drag and drop so quickly and painlessly."

"[With Live] Remixes are fun, because there are no limits. You just have fun and do what inspires you. Depending what kind of remix, up-tempo or down-tempo, Live gives you the freedom to radically change things. And, of course, the ability to change tempo at any moment is the best for remixing. Nothing does it better [than Live]. Just the drag and drop is amazing. I never worked so fast before using Live!"