Bits and Beats - New Free Samples from 8 bit bandit

Mario made with Clips - from Doublercat,

Mario made with Clips - from Doublercat,

The video game music (aka chiptune aka 8-bit) aesthetic was born of necessity - early video game systems couldn't synthesize or process audio at higher bit-depths. But from these classic systems, artists have taken influence for a style of music that balances nostalgia for the crunchy digital sounds with future-thinking sequencing and songwriting. Here's a chiptune take on Beck's "Girl", with video to match from the similarly retro-minded Wyldfile:

And here's a more frenzied, breakcore-influenced track from DJ Scotch Egg:

Want to get in on the fun yourself? 8 bit bandit has generously released Bit Crate Vol. 1, a free (and royalty-free) selection of 10,000 8-bit style sounds. Bit Crate Vo. 1 also includes Instrument Racks for browsing and playing the sounds - see and hear it in action below: