Able10 - 10 free Packs from Ableton Artists

To celebrate our Able10 anniversary, we're giving away 10 free, exclusive Live Packs from Ableton artists. Take a look inside these songs and sounds and see how these exceptional artists work their Live mojo.

These Packs require Live 8.0.9 or higher. To install a Pack, download it, unzip it and double-click the .alp file. You'll then be asked where to save the contents of the Pack.

Note: These Live Packs will work in Live Intro or Live Lite, but as read-only Sets.

You can download all these Live Packs in one big file (1.3 GB) or pick and choose the ones you want below.

Adam Freeland

Here's my set for the Ableton 10th Anniversary. It's a track called 'Morning Sun' from my recent band album 'COPE', which I have split up into the individual mixed down audio stems. Joey Santiago of the Pixies played guitar on this track and Twiggy Ramirez played the bass, so there's some juicy stuff here to play with. I have also added some synths and drone racks to be tweaked and nerded with. Please do what you will to this, but obviously don't use any of the audio samples for commercial purposes.

Download Adam Freeland's Live Pack (270 MB) 


Hi folks and happy birthday Ableton! This Set is my little present. It consists of two live versions of songs you might know: 'jet' from the Ellen Allien and Apparat record and 'fractales' from my last album called 'walls'. It's exactly the setup I use to play live, so you can tweak around and figure out what I'm doing on stage. Have fun with the sounds and feel free to do your own mixes but please don't use any of them for commercial purposes. These songs were already released and they are copyright protected.

Download Apparat's Live Pack (59 MB)

Brian Ales

Congratulations, Ableton--not only on 10 years of great software, but also on 10 years of continuing coolness towards all of us users. Giving away free Live Sets as an anniversary present? Yet more coolness. My 'Voltaic Algebraic' set is a semi-finished mix, have fun taking it apart. Thanks to Matt Kilmer (percussion), Bill Urmson (bass), and Bob Familiar (additional synths) for playing on the track--and for letting me share it with you.

Download Brian Ales' Live Pack (53 MB)

Covert Operators

To celebrate Ableton's tenth anniversary, we at The Covert Operators have put together a project that lets you play with some of our best devices and sounds. It's a simple song that may be performed, manipulated and recreated. There's also a fully functional step sequencer, constructed using only the tools found in Ableton Live--'The Covert Seq 3'--arguably the most complex MIDI Effect Rack ever constructed. We also included some bonus sounds and Live Clips for your own projects: more examples of the wide variety of sounds that Live's devices are capable of.

Download Covert Operators' Live Pack (10 MB)

Junie Morrison

My name is Junie Morrison and I love Ableton Live. I also love robots. This song, entitled 'Robot Love', from my album 'When the City', is my homage to the robotic systems I use to make music every day. The scenes are named just to keep you from getting lost but you can pretty much just key each scene, one after the other. Or you can use the Session View to launch and interact with individual clips as you see fit. Feel free to play around with, chop up and resample the bits and pieces, whatever you like.

Download Junie Morrison's Live Pack (123 MB) 

Martin Gretschmann AKA Acid Pauli

I am happy to contribute to Ableton's 10th birthday with this Live-set. It's a track I have been working on recently using some of Live's new features, especially Corpus and Vocoder are two new effects I like a lot. Feel free to play around with all the clips and samples. As long as you don't use any of these sounds commercially, you can do whatever you want with them. The most important thing is to keep exploring, forget the rules someone (like me) told you before, combine things that aren't meant to be combined, let mistake and coincidence become the ruler of your music.

Download Martin Gretschmann's Live Pack (221 MB)

Micah Frank

For the Able10 anniversary, I decided to expand on some grooves and Live Racks in my scrapyard of sounds. I pulled kits and Puremagnetik content from various places and refined them, ultimately building the song 'Metropolis' around the sounds. The talented NYC singer/songwriter Atarah Valentine laid down the vocals. This pack includes: Cranky FM Kit (FM percussion sounds for Operator), Data Entry Kit (glitchy electronic percussion), Kamoni Kitchen Kit (organic percussion sounds from my kitchen, including a garlic press and bag of chips).

Download Micah Frank's Live Pack (506 MB)


Here is our offering for this Able10 anniversary that we are very proud to be a part of. We hope you can play around with it and enjoy it in as many ways as possible, through as many glasses as you can and from as many angles as possible, upside down, inside out and all that. The sounds here are obviously free game, but please don't use any of the riffs or melodies for commercial purposes. So, have a hammer-time with this woolly little number and hopefully someday we can hear some of it, somehow, somewhere. Let's make a mess.

Download Múm's Live Pack (24 MB)


This set has been created especially for the Ableton anniversary. The sounds contained are typical of the Swayzak sound and will no doubt be released as an EP sometime soon! Please have a play and a go at remixing and hopefully we can make a remix EP of the best mixes. Swayzak have been lovers of Ableton since 2001, after a chance meeting in Berlin with Robert Henke AKA Monolake. We actually drove round Berlin trying to find a retailer! Live has been an integral part of our work live and in the studio ever since. It is the kind of tool that works well for us in the way we create sound. It is fun to use and not laborious like many other music software programs we have come across....

Download Swayzak's Live Pack (22 MB)

Thavius Beck

This little ditty is called 'Nothing Lasts Forever', and was originally part of my BigDada album 'Dialogue'. This session includes my PowerBook singing its digital heart out (layered with the voice of Sophia St. James), pitch adjustments, crunchy drums, and other weird stuff. Please don't use the song as is and call it your own, but I am all for creative manipulation: take pieces of this and destroy them beyond all recognition; feel free to use the results of your audio surgery with my blessing. I mean, the whole point of having software like Live is the ability to take anything and make it something else, something unique, something that is your own... right? Right.

Download Thavius Beck's Live Pack (17 MB)