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Why is my credit card not accepted in the web shop?

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If when attempting to place your order in the Ableton webshop you get the following error message, it usually means that your financial institution has blocked the transaction as a precautionary measure.

International transactions are often flagged by banks in order to prevent credit card data being misappropriated and used fraudulently online:



Credit card declined

To get around this, you can simply contact your financial institution and/or credit card provider to pre-authorise a payment for the given amount to Ableton AG in Berlin, Germany. You should then be able to make the payment without any problems.

Please also make sure that you have sufficient funds available and that you haven't reached your daily spending limit.

If the payment is rejected the second time around, we can charge the card manually via an alternative payment provider. To do this, please call Ableton Support to submit your credit card details securely over the phone.

Alternative payment methods we accept are PayPal and wire transfer. You can read more about these options here.

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