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Jamie Griffiths (Swansea, Wales)

Jamie is a professional club DJ and scratcher with eighteen years' experience (including three years as scratch DJ and percussionist for Hybrid), a product demonstrator for M-Audio UK, a resident of the Escape club Swansea, and has been a dedicated Ableton Live user for four years. Jamie's teaching experience includes private one-on-one DJ training, three years at Vestax DJ academy, composition tutoring at Access to Music Brighton, private and group sessions teaching Ableton Live, and crash courses for Alchemea College of Audio Engineering. Jamie specializes in heavy, funked-up electro, tech and breaks and has worked with Hybrid, Phil Harnol (Orbital), Soul of Man, Si-K and Gordon Kaye, among others.

Jamie joined forces with The Ministry Of Sound DJ Academy as one of their main advanced tutors in 2008. He was recently elected by the M.O.S as the main Ableton Live course leader. Jamie is also the main course leader and one of the directors of The DJ Academy in Wales

Jamie's DJ style ranges from tech house to progressive, breaks, electro house and warm pumping minimal, but he is also a natural at mixing all music genres. He has worked in the studio with Hybrid, Gordon Kaye, Phil Hartnol (Orbital), and has also helped Soul of Man produce two of their essential mixes for Radio 1. He is also currently training Annie Nightingale in using Ableton Live for her DJ sets

Remix projects: Chad Jackson, "The Drummer"; Jam & Spoon, "Be Angeled"; My Digital Enemy, "Opus Dei"; Reckless Sons, "Animal" (Synthetik Voices remix); Xpress 2, "Muzik" (a collaboration with progressive house legend Gordon Kaye); and a stunning break beat remix of N-Joi, "Anthem."


Please note: All Ableton Certified Trainers are not employed by Ableton. They are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula.