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Push FAQs

How do I get a bundle pricing for Push, including upgrades?

To find your Push bundle pricing, including Live upgrades if you are an existing user, click here.

Please note: if you already own an Ableton product, you will need to log in to your ableton.com account in order to see your personalized upgrade pricing.

Is there an educational discount available for Push?

There is no educational discount available for Push itself. However, bundles are available with the educational version of our software in our shop.

Do I get Live with Push?

Customers who are new to Live receive a free Live 9 Intro license to get them started. Bundles of Push and Live 9 Standard or Suite are also available. Owners of previous versions of Live need to upgrade to Live 9 in order to use Push. Introductory bundle offers will be available and customers should log in to ableton.com in order to see their pricing.

Do existing Live users get a special deal on upgrades to Live 9 if they buy Push as well?

Yes. When Push is released all Live 8 users will receive an introductory offer which grants them a discount on their upgrade when purchased in combination with Push. Customers should log in to ableton.com in order to see their pricing, after Push is released.

Will Push work with other music software?

Push was designed as a musical instrument which harnesses the power of Live 9. The hardware can also be used as a generic controller, so that you can send basic MIDI information to other software, but you can only use the full features of Push as an instrument with Live 9. There are no plans to fully integrate Push with any other DAWs in the future.

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