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Push FAQ: Editing and other commands

  • Live-Versionen: 9
  • Betriebssystem: ALL

Is it possible to slice samples with Push?

At the moment it is not possible to slice samples with Push.

Will it be possible to press a MIDI or Audio Clip on Push and duplicate it to another by pressing on a vacant pad?

We don't currently support copying and pasting Clips, but we do support duplicating Clips, as in Live 9: in Push there is a dedicated Duplicate button at the left of the ribbon controller.

Will it be possible to adjust the envelope, filter, volume settings and other parameters for individual cells in Drumrack?

Yes, this is possible by default. Hit a pad (holding the Select button at the same time allows to select the pad without playing it back) and the parameters of the loaded device are shown in the Push display. Furthermore, you can also navigate or add effects to that pad.

Is there a quick way to expand group tracks within Push?

As on the APC40, hold the track select button of a group track to open/close that group track.

Would it be possible to use the Push knobs to control a device on one track while the Drum Rack note mode is up for another track? Can devices be locked to the Control Surface from the hardware?

Currently not, unless you remote mapped the device with Push's encoders. However, you could use User Mode to control a device on one track, and switch back to regular mode to control the drums.

What is the ninth knob along the top?

This knob is the Master Volume, or Cue volume if you hold shift.

What are the two knobs on the left?

Tempo and Swing. Tempo is a notched encoder. The encoders reveal their name/value when touched, as they are touch resistive.

What are the primary functions of the two pad rows below the LCD?

The functionality changes depending on the mode on the upper right.
They can be used to move to different samples or presets in the browser (Browse Mode), to select tracks or devices or to turn devices on/off (Track Mode), or to mute/solo/stop clip on that track (Mute Mode, Solo Mode).

Is it possible to launch scenes from the side buttons when in Session Mode?

Yes, this is possible.

How can I find out about scene names on Push?

You can have the name of a Scene temporarily show up on Push’s display by holding the Select button and pressing the corresponding Scene Launch button on Push.

Push allows to adjust the selected Clip or loop in Session Mode. Is it possible to use the encoders to preview unwarped samples in the Browser and to jump to different parts of the waveform?

No, currently you can only navigate the start encoder of warped audio files.

Can the encoders automatically move start/end points for samples or the loop brace for clips?

In Clip Mode, you can set start/end/length of loops, and move the position of the loop brace. For drums (i.e. in step sequencing mode), you also a have a loop selector to quickly select and loop sections of a clip.

Using Push in user mode and creating custom MIDI mappings, will we still get the corresponding labelling on the Push display?

It is not yet possible to update the display with custom mappings.

When in User Mode, will there be an option to use the 8 rotary encoders in banks, in the same way it is with the MPK/MPD controllers? (e.g bank A/B/C/D, giving you 32 possible controls)

In User Mode Push sends out simple MIDI CC messages for the encoders. Max for Live or Python would be needed for obtaining something more advanced.

Are the encoders notched (incremental)? I have found this to be really useful as with the smoth encoder type on the APC if you map 127 samples in a rack it is hard to dial particular samples.

Only the Tempo encoder is notched (incremental). However, for browsing samples, you can use either the smooth encoder, or the buttons beneath the display to move discretely to different samples/presets sequentially.

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