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Automations, GUI Meters and Video playback is not latency compensated

  • Live-Versionen: 4 - 9
  • Betriebssystem: ALL


  • Live does not support latency compensation for plug-in and mixer automation, GUI meters and video playback.
  • Clip modulation is also not compensated if plug-ins which introduce latency are being used on the track.


  • To get accurate mixer automation of tracks which contain plug-ins, freeze/flatten these tracks before automating mixer parameters.
  • To get more accurate plug-in automation, freeze/flatten these tracks while using a plug-in buffer size of 32 samples.


  • Using the lowest possible plug-in buffer size of 32 samples (set in the CPU tab of Live's Preferences) gives you the most accurate results, but these are still not compensated or sample accurate.
  • The downside of working with low plug-in buffer sizes is a significantly increased CPU usage and possible performance issues, e.g. drop-outs.

In general, we recommend setting the plug-in buffer size to 'As Audio Buffer'. This assures the best and most stable performance.For more information, see the section in the Ableton Reference Manual called “Plug-In Performance Options.”

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