Ryan Origin

  • Los Angeles CA United States

Ryan Origin is an electronic musician, engineer, and professional instructor from Los Angeles. He obtained his Audio Technology Diploma at SAE Los Angeles and, prior to graduating, taught their Electronic Music Production Program. He continues to teach classes and give lectures throughout Southern California.

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Since 2001, Ryan has created original music and film scores with a diverse list of artists including George Clinton, Jerome Dillon (Nine Inch Nails), Photek, UFO!, Gridlok, Flinch, Salva, and members of LA Riots. His music has been released on influential labels as diverse as Interscope, !K7, and SMOG, in addition to numerous underground imprints in the US and Europe.

Though understanding what makes a House bassline different from a Drum & Bass bassline is important, he prefers to give his students the tools to create music that truly expresses who they are, rather than a template to ape the sounds of someone else.

Ryan feels a personal responsibility to help people make better music, and he is very excited to do so as an Ableton Certified Trainer. His expertise includes instruction in sound design, synthesis, sampling, live performance, arrangement, MIDI technology, and other related subjects.

He currently performs and releases music as Origin.

Ryan is available for private tutoring in the Los Angeles area.

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