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r12 is a community, a place open all day: morning, afternoon and evening where students can attend school all day long: studying together, using the tools available, in their first co-working and construction space for professional projects. The ideal place where students can question, grow, learn, entertain and evolve from simple curious to true explorers of a world in constant evolution.

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r12 is a community that offer the highest standards in training courses for professional. The Master Programs has a certification program with an expandable and customizable structure with more than 30 module.

Music Production courses are in English or Italian. Students can access courses of different levels, from basic to advanced courses on any field of study following their goals. Ableton Live  it’s the main DAW used for music composition and production. Our classrooms are equipped with Ableton Live and Push for every student to help them to improve their goals faster. Learn from professionals and learning by doing are the main ingredients of the study programs.

At the heart of the school are teachers, DJ’s and musicians with a great passion for music and technology. The music profession has changed dramatically over the past fifteen years. Today’s DJs produce their own remixes and even their own tracks and are becoming more and more like musicians. The structure of our Ableton Live courses caters to all users, even those who are not familiar with the basic rules of musical composition. Technology is making great strides in the world of music and it is our goal to make it accessible to everyone.

Hinweis: Ableton Certified Trainer und Ableton Certified Training Center sind private Organisationen oder Unternehmen und weder Mitarbeiter noch Vertreter von Ableton. Sie werden nicht von Ableton AG, Ableton Inc. oder Ableton KK verwaltet. Die Trainer und Training Center sind für ihre Studienangebote und Lehrpläne selbst verantwortlich. Ableton übernimmt keine Verantwortung oder Haftung für deren Handlungen.