MACC @ Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique

  • Marseille France

Founded in 2017 as part of the well-known research laboratory L.M.A., the Marseille Ableton certified Centre (MACC) offers training courses for groups of students, using Ableton Live Suite 9, Max for Live, and Max 7. Concerning both studio set-ups and live performances, MACC aims to become one of the essential centers of multimedia training in France and in Europe.

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The M.A.S. platform (Music, Audio, Sound) was founded in 2017 within the renowned Mechanical and Acoustics Laboratory of The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The LMA is located in Marseille Château-Gombert Technopole, which combines a leading-edge science park and a meeting place for scientists, engineers, and artists. It plays an active role in promoting and merging local artistic and scientific activities.

The M.A.S. platform also offers training facilities and courses, certified by Ableton: MACC (Marseille  Ableton Certified Centre). The courses are focused on creation and production technologies using Ableton-Live, Max7, and Max for Live frameworks.

The Ableton Live Suite 9 course includes a large array of tools for both novices and well-informed amateurs to work autonomously on studio production techniques and on live set-design.

The Ableton-certified Trainer and sound artist Julien Bayle is in charge of the training sessions based on Ableton Live Suite 9, Max for Live, and Max 7.

Julien Bayle is a well-known international artist, course-leader and sound art lecturer who works frequently with sound-engineers, sound and visual artists, members of the teaching profession as well as amateurs who are keen on learning more about modern multimedia production tools.

Course offerings

The MACC training consists of 5-day courses for each of the three Ableton products: Ableton-Live Suite 9, Max for Live, and Max 7.  Max 7 training includes Jitter, and a thorough introduction to Gen (Gen~ and Gen for Jitter)

Teaching methods:

The course gives an overall vision of the different functions and techniques. The instructor will adapt his teaching to the various backgrounds and skills.  Individual tutoring is available upon direct request to Julien Bayle.

Each lesson will focus on a group of functions of Live and will include hands-on individual and group exercises. This aspect of the course will enable the students to work interactively and exchange/share ideas and techniques, and consequently improve their skills.


Julien Bayle has his own studio which is officially accredited as a training facility.

The training-courses can be financed by different institutions, such as: AFDAS, Pôle Emploi, DIF, CIF, or by the students' employers. Thus, students can benefit from top-level training without having to finance it by themselves.


The Laboratory is fully equipped with a Video-Projector, Computer Networks and an Audio-Broadcasting System.

There are 5 work-stations equipped with sound-cards, MIDI Interface, headphones, a PUSH control system Ableton-Live Suite 9, Max for Live, and Max 7.

Hinweis: Ableton Certified Trainer und Ableton Certified Training Center sind private Organisationen oder Unternehmen und weder Mitarbeiter noch Vertreter von Ableton. Sie werden nicht von Ableton AG, Ableton Inc. oder Ableton KK verwaltet. Die Trainer und Training Center sind für ihre Studienangebote und Lehrpläne selbst verantwortlich. Ableton übernimmt keine Verantwortung oder Haftung für deren Handlungen.