Beat Lab Academy

  • Los Angeles CA United States

Master Ableton Live in the world’s first interactive music production school. Our Beat Lab Certification Program offers beginners to advanced users the tools and knowledge to take their musical career to the next level.

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Our full 4-month program includes 3 levels:

Level I - Fundamentals of music production (6 weeks)
Level II - Artist Progression (6 weeks)
Level III - Becoming a Super Producer (4 weeks)

We will take each artist through their musical journey from beginner to advanced in an intimate, engaging classroom.

At Beat Lab Academy we use special desks that can dynamically change the classroom from a standard layout to a unique computer Classjam setup, where all computers are synchronized and we all play together as a band! We also give you multiple options of MIDI controllers for your live interactions.

Along with the Classjams, Beat Lab Academy’s future producers will learn cutting-edge music production techniques. In this intensive four-month curriculum, we guide each student to develop their individual sound, incorporate instruments, enhance production workflow, utilize sound design, and give mixing strategies to hone their craft. After polishing and practicing throughout the program, our students will learn how to take that experience and translate it into a musical career in the audio industry. To further maximize skills, students will meet bi-monthly for private mentorship sessions.

In completion of the Beat Lab Certification Program students should have full-length, mastered tracks of their own making, will be prepared to book shows, receive live performance mentorship, attain production tools gathered throughout the program, and will have access to Beat Lab Academy’s Student Network. Whether it’s music production, recording, engineering, songwriting, sound Design, or even Post Production, we will help each artist find their way in the professional market.

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Beat Lab Academy
2501 Colorado Blvd, Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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