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Hecq: Precision And Power



“I don't have a plan B” says Ben Lukas Boysen - nor does he seem to need one. With a series of well-regarded albums as Hecq on Hymen Records, plus a busy schedule producing music for a number of high-profile advertising, film and gaming clients, Hecq has firmly established himself as a forward-thinking electronic musician and sophisticated sound designer.

In both fields, Hecq's work is distinguished by a richness of rhythmic and melodic details which – far from simply sounding busy – breathe life into his tracks. He spends a good deal of time fleshing out the raw energy at the core of many of his tracks with layers of tightly controlled tension and counterpoint. “I want my source material to be already as treated as possible” he explains, referring to the extensive processing, sculpting and re-sampling of sounds by which he begins his writing process. Working out his palette of sounds first lets Hecq focus fully on developing the music's dramatic arc during arrangement. This, in turn, facilitates the mixing process (done entirely within Ableton Live) where only final dynamics, panning, and EQ adjustments are made.

Often, when working for commercial clients, Hecq not only has to come up with the appropriate music, sounds and special effects – but has to synchronize it to pre-existing video footage. In order to do this as precisely as possible, he imports video into Live's Arrangement View, then goes “off-grid,” deactivating the grid in order to accurately align audio clips with individual frames of video as needed. Check out his sound design work in this stunning trailer for the OFFF Festival 2011.

Hecq's brand new Live Pack is a distillation of his sound aesthetic – a modern update on classic IDM and glitch, infused with a healthy dose of dubstep elements. Featuring his trademark processed percussion sounds and rhythmic noise loops, punchy kicks and evocative filtered chords, Hecq's Live Pack is a case study in precision, with each part occupying its own distinct sonic space but mixing beautifully with every other part.

Download Hecq's Live Pack here

Filesize: 13,6 MB, Requires Live 8.1.5 or higher.