Why won't Ableton take audio from my Tascam interface?

I have a Tascam US- MKii interface. I use an iMac with El Capitan installed. I have Live 8 Lite installed. I have downloaded the appropriate drivers and firmwire updates for the Tascam product. The combination of this tascam interface and this version of ableton has worked on a previous computer. Ableton is recognizing the Tascam interface in the Audio preferences section. On the interface the green light for the USB connect is glowing so that means I have a good connection to my computer. I plug my guitar into the interface and the input signal is lighting up green and I can hear the guitar through my headphones from the interface.

The only obvious problem is when I open an audio track I do not see the levels rise in the track and it will not record anything. I set the audio in to Ext. In and still no levels. I also do not hear the test tone in the audio preferences section. I do have a launchpad set up directly to the computer and that is working just fine. 

Anywhere else I should check in the computer preferences or in ableton to get the audio from my guitar through the interface and into ableton to produce sound?


detroittigers 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Make sure you actually activate the inputs/outputs in Live's preferences

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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