Why is there no way to convert multiple clips form regions to LOOPS?

I just don't understand why i have to go click on every waveform separately en click loop current regions? Why no way to select multiple clips and click right button --> loop selected regions! would relieve me of a lot of headaches while preparing for a gig!



danielvandrunen 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Friedemann Ableton staff
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    Hi Daniel,

    I'm afraid that what you want to achieve is currently not possible. When you turn on the 'loop' switch for a multi-selection of clips, it just turns loop on for every clip but there is no adjustment of the loop's start and end position possible. Since there is currently no way to adjust the loop length for a multi-selection of clips, you are left with loops that don't make sense in your use-case, e.g. a one-bar loop at the beginning of a 16 bar clip.

    Best, Friedemann

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  • Bierman
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    I experience PRECISELY the same problem and I am very disappointed that Ableton have apparently not addressed this frustrating issue.

    Bouncing stems is how a lot of producers like to work, especially when porting over to play live. It is extremely important for these 16 bar loops to be as tight as possible. If they were produced at 135bpm and the Ableton project is set at 135 before any of the clips are brought in, surely there could or should be a way to get those stems to slice up and loop exactly as they should be. Pleeeease sort this out :)

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  • danielvandrunen
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    Hey matt,

    Thanks for your answer. ill elaborate my situation:

    I come from a logic production, where I bounce (render in ableton terms) 4 seperate stems of let's say 304 bars. After this I set my empty ableton project to the right tempo and drag my 4 stems in 4 audio tracks in the arrangement view using the cmd button. After this I cut up the regions using the cmd+e command in equal 16 bar sections. Now I crop the samples to help my processor/internal memory during livesets and from this point the weirdness starts to evolve (weirdness happens also when cropping is skipped). selecting multiple clips and warping & looping them does not result in clean 16.0.0 clips. To avoid this i have to select every single clip to do the 'loop selected region' command. after destroying my right hand i have a set of perfect 16.0.0 clips. From here i can set my follow actions or looping parts and everything is fine. 

    So somehow the problem lies in the fact that ableton does something weird with my logic .wav files when I crop, warp, and loop (multiple clips) that does not happen with the region to loop command. I hope you have the answer for this problem


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  • [mlp] Ableton staff
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    Hi Daniel,

    I'm not sure I understand what you want to do, so correct me if I'm wrong. I think the solution to your problem is to set 'Loop/Warp Short Samples' in the 'Record/Warp/Launch' tab to 'Warped Loop' in Live's preferences pane. This will ensure that samples dropped into your set will loop by default.

    If the samples are already in your set, you can simply select multiple clips and then enable the 'Warp' and 'Loop' settings from the Clip View (notice the barber-pole border around the Clip View, which indicates that you are modifying multiple clips.)


    6 years ago | 0 comments

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