Why is Cut Time always greyed out in Live 9?

This used to work in Live 8.  Now, when I select a section of a clip (in either arrangement or session view), "Cut Time" is greyed out.  It's strange, because I can do "Copy" and "Delete Time", which, when combined, have the same effect as Cut Time anyway.


Anyone have any theories as to why Cut Time is greyed out for me?


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    I thought this was odd, too.

    I was just looking at the documentation RE: editing MIDI in Clip View, and I notice they specify only three (!) of the "...Time" commands that you have in Arrangement View.

    10.4.6 The ...Time Commands in the MIDI Editor

    The standard clipboard commands like Cut, Copy and Paste only affect the currently selected notes (or the notes within a time selection). But, as in Arrangement editing (see 6.10), there are “... Time” commands that act upon the entire MIDI clip by inserting and deleting time.

    Note that these operations do not change the clip start/end position or the loop brace settings.

    • Duplicate Time places a copy of the selected timespan into the clip, along with any contained notes.
    • Delete Time deletes a selection of time from the MIDI clip, thereby moving any notes on either side of the deleted area closer together in the timeline.
    • Insert Time inserts as much empty time as is currently selected into the clip, before the selection.


    Don't know why they would have changed that, but at least this might indicate that it isn't simply broken.


    4 years ago | 0 comments

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