Why does "check for updates" lead me to my account page? Where is the "update or download" tab?

My impulse 49 (novation) isn't native to the control surface. trying to update but nothing works, nothing leads me to a "here you are", everything sends me to my account page which accomplishes nothing.


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    Please make sure you are logged in using the email address you originally registered your license to. Once at your account page (http://www.ableton.com/en/account), download the latest version of the software and simply install it. Ableton updates come as stand-alone applications instead of altering an existing installation. Once you've made sure the new version works as expected, you can uninstall the old one.

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  • abiah
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    dear ableton staff

    if you read his post it's clear he's doing what you've already told him to.

    Yes the "check for updates" menu leads to the user account page, the *point* is, it gives the user no indication of whether his/her version is up to date. 

    I'm on 9.0.4. click "check for updates", because I want to you know, check for updates. You take me to a page that tells me I have version 9.0.4. I knew that already. I'm obviously left wondering if there's an update or not, and where to look for it. You can see how this could get frustrating.

    If there are no new updates available just state "no new updates" on the account page. Then the "check for updates" option will do what it says it will. Could you fix it soon please?

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