Why are my exported "Rendered Track" "All individual Tracks" lower volume than my "Master"

Why are my exported rendered "All individual Tracks"  lower volume than my "Master"?

Does the rendered "Master" pass through the master output, and the "individual tracks not"?

The reason why I'm asking is that I have Ozone 6 on the master and everything sounds great.

Exporting individual tracks seems lower volume in volume.

Can I rectify this?

I haven't normalised or dithered anything in the exports.



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    If you export separate tracks, you only get the tracks themselves, i guess. If you put fx on the master, that will only affect the master output, not the separate tracks.

    Putting a mastering plugin on the master channel will give you a very bad idea of the actual sound. Because everything is processed in Ozone.

    So why export separate tracks if you are already doing mastering processing on the master bus?

    Theoretically, in your case, all you have to do is export separate tracks, load them into a clean project and put the exact same Ozone setting on the master.





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