Where to install Live Packs?

I've downloaded a few Live Packs and devices from the Ableton website. I've looked at various bits of information re installing Live Packs, but I've not seen anything that says WHERE one should install it, which is the question that Live poses each time I try to install and the question that I'm unable to answer. 


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  • stoersignal
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    there are 2 sorts of live-packs. one kind is automatically installed to your live-library (packs from ableton themselve or partners) and the other ones you have to install first into any other directory. after that you have to go to this directory in your live browser, right-click on it and choose "manage project". after that a window on the right side pops up, where you can choose export to library. (pretty much on the bottom of the screen)

    now you will find the whole content of this live-pack in your live-lib

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  • SQY
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    Thanks . . . . that may answer another (albeit pretty basic) question: where to find the material in the live pack that I've installed. I can see from above answer that I may have installed the live pack but not exported it to library. 

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