Where to install Live Packs?

I've downloaded a few Live Packs and devices from the Ableton website. I've looked at various bits of information re installing Live Packs, but I've not seen anything that says WHERE one should install it, which is the question that Live poses each time I try to install and the question that I'm unable to answer. 


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  • stoersignal
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    there are 2 sorts of live-packs. one kind is automatically installed to your live-library (packs from ableton themselve or partners) and the other ones you have to install first into any other directory. after that you have to go to this directory in your live browser, right-click on it and choose "manage project". after that a window on the right side pops up, where you can choose export to library. (pretty much on the bottom of the screen)

    now you will find the whole content of this live-pack in your live-lib

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  • SQY
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    Thanks . . . . that may answer another (albeit pretty basic) question: where to find the material in the live pack that I've installed. I can see from above answer that I may have installed the live pack but not exported it to library. 

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  • Pirkka
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    I too was unable to drag & drop 3rd party Pack to my Ableton 9. 

    I followed Stoersignals advice, and launched myself to a journey like this (OS X):

    1. Verify that the pack doesn't install by just dragging it on the middle of Live window
    2. Drag the pack to some other place inside Live "PLACES" area, such as User Library
    3. Ctrl-click (or right click) the pack, select "manage project"
    4. In the bottom of the right column, press "create pack"
    5. Select DESKTOP
    6. After the task is finished, double click the new pack file on DESKTOP (feeling the taste of victory here already)
    7. Ableton will now start prepping the pack install... BUT, it will once again ask you where to put the pack. I was puzzled by this, but yeah... I navigated to my Ableton Library on disk and selected the Packs directory there. 
    8. Installation finished, pack is not showing in my Ableton PACKS folder yet. 
    9. Turns out that on the disk, in my Packs directory, the pack is there, but it's apparently not a real Pack, it's a Project.
    10. If I drag & drop this Project to LIVE, I will be back in step 3.

    Conclusion drawn: I will never be able to install this pack as a Pack, but only as a Project.

    I guess there are instructions available to all this somewhere, but I just assumed I would be able to handle assets in Ableton without following any tutorials. :) Looks like the issue is a bit more complicated.

    If anyone is still reading, I would be happy to know if my conclusion is wrong or receive any general advice - sorry for a long post :)

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  • razo1
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    Uhh.. could be implemented more userfriendly?

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