Where do I get plug ins ?

I have Live 9 Suite, and when I look at tutorials online and see other with ableton, they have like 30 folders in the plug-ins and I don't even have one.


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    There are many, many vst plugins available on the web.

    Some cost, some are free.

    Mostly, you get what you pay for, so it depends on how serious you are about the sound. There would be some free gems out there, you would just have to download and try each one.

    Try this link for an example of an awesome paid plugin, which also works standalone (Ableton turned off). 


    This one is $99 US, very adjustable and the best virtual electric piano I have heard.

    That particular company has 8 virtual instruments for sale by download, one is a virtual drum machine, the rest are virtual analog synthesisers.

    Plus they sell a few "package" softwares which work as vst plugins in Ableton or standalone. Containing thousands of presets from many of these 8 virtual instruments. The Analog Lab "package" is the best value I think, with 5000 presets from 7 of their virtual instruments, to mix and match, play and record.


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