When routing internally, can only hear one signal

I am trying to use the Stillwell Schope plugin with Ableton, and am having some trouble.

It is an oscilloscope capable of viewing multiple waveforms at once. I have a sample I want to observe on track 1 (with oscilloscope inserted), and on track 2 I have a second sample that I'd like to overlay in the track 1 display. So on the second track I select Audio To - (track 1) and then when the second drop-down appears I select Input 3/Input 4-Schopex64

I am getting visual feedback with the oscilloscope, both waveforms are displaying correctly, but I can't hear both audio tracks playing at the same time. No matter what monitor settings I choose, I can't seem to hear the 'routed' track. I've tried playing with the Audio From on track 1 as well to no avail.

If track 2 is routed to track 1 and track 1 is routed to the master, why can't I hear the sum of track 1 and 2 in the master?

I am currently using a crappy workaround where I double the routed track and send one copy to the Oscilloscope channel and the other to the master, just so I can hear and see at the same time. But any processing I'd like to observe would need to be constantly copied between both channels and it's very cumbersome.


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SvelteFelt 2 years ago | 0 comments

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