when recording audio, the metronome also records. how do i stop this?

i am using Creative asio. i cannot use the metronome without it recording onto the audio track. even tried turning off any input and yet it still records. It does not record on a midi track. i have read the instructions on setting up audio, etc and spent many (many) hours trying everything i can. what am i doing wrong???


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  • Near Earth Object
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    Have you tried this? In Live's FAQ list, this is what it says;

    Is it possible in Live 3 and later versions to send the metronome (or a separate track with a click track) to a different output on a soundcard?
    Yes, this is possible using the pre-listening function in Live if your sound card/audio interface has multiple outputs. The metronome is routed to the Cue Out output. To send an individual track to another output of your sound card/audio interface, be sure that the In/Out View is enabled and select the output in the Output Channel chooser.

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  • Eppe
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    Hi! Thats weird, never had that problem. A solution could also be to just make your own metronome in an audio track by putting some percussive samples on every beat. I do that a lot because the metronome sound is so annoying and often bleeds into the mic through the headphone when I record. I mostly use some shaker sounds, a different one to mark the one and then 3 for the rest of the measure and just duplicate it. Often times I also EQ off the top frequencies so they don't end up on the recording.

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  • Dowlphin
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    I encountered this problem with Creative ASIO under slightly different circumstances. (Not sure whether the OP tried to record from something else than an external input.)

    At first I saw my microphone on 3/4 and 5/6, so I thought I could use one of them, but those channels apparently were for general speaker stuff. As a newbie, I at first didn't consider this, thinking that after all, they're inputs, not outputs. I then discovered that the mic is also on 21/22, and when I used that as input, the metronome sound wasn't recorded, only the mic.

    I wish I had clear descriptions for the various channels. They probably exist, but I don't know why. Also, as a user of Lite, it was a bit complictated to figure this out, since Lite only supports up to four input channels.

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