When importing .wav files, how do I stop them from being automatically warped?

When I import .wav files from a recording session (for example, 8 tracks of drums - one track of kick, one of snare, etc), they no longer sync up.

I think what is happening is Ableton is automatically warping the tracks.  And it is moving some tracks forward and some backwards. And when I unclick the warp button, somehow they are not going back to the original starting point.

So, .wav files that sync together do not sync together after being imported into Ableton.

the way I am importing them is simply dragging the .wav files into the Project.

Any ideas?




charlie roadman 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • thomas.martinet
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    In the preference menu, under Record Warp Launch, uncheck Auto-Warp long samples and Live will no longer auto warp.

    You can also uncheck warp in the Sample pane of an audio clip under Detail View (this is the bottom pane in Live)

    Manual section 5.2.2 Analysis Files (.asd) goes over the auto warp behavior
    5 years ago | 3 comments
  • wmathlener
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    Hi, I find the auto warp counter intuitive to my needs, which are mainly to record live audio. I have had clips of many minutes and it still warps audio, so my question is, what does "long samples" mean? 20 minutes? Often after recording I forget to uncheck the "warp" button in the bottom pane only later to hear the jittering creeping in. And no my gear is more than capable of handling it, running all the newest software... It is the warp because when I unwarp it is fine. Please, stop this annoying function of auto warping samples or at least give us an option to permanently prevent it. 

    7 months ago | 0 comments

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