What is an efficient workflow for updating sets after an Ableton version upgrade?

I recently got auto-updated from 9.6 to 9.7, and now when I go to save a set, Ableton pops the dialog "The Live set you are trying to save was created with a version of Live that is either older or has fewer features. To avoid incompatibilities, please save your Set as a new file."

I don't really want to change the Set name, I really just want to overwrite the old Set. But Live does not give me that option. And I really don't want to lose my work.

So far my best safe strategy is: rename the Project folder before opening the old Live set, then Save As and give the original name, then Collect All And Save, then delete the old set (now under the modified name). This is a bit time consuming and annoying.

I'm afraid if I save under a new filename and then delete the old filename, I'll lose work, so I haven't tried that.

Any suggestions for a better workflow?

(And Ableton, if you are listening, why not just give us the option to overwrite the old file? Even better, work on more forgiving inter-version compatibility.)



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    Every time I saved a project from 9.6 using 9.7 I was able to simply overwrite. I just saved as as normal and I was prompted with "a project file with the same name already exists, would you like to replace it?" and I said yes.

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