What happens when you extract a groove that doesn't have a transient on every 16th note?

I frequently use 'Extract Groove' to copy a live musician's rhythmic feel, but I have a question about how this works if there isn't a transient on every 16th note.  Often a drum break (for example) will have hits only on a small number of 16th notes with a bar.

This doesn't seem to hurt anything, judging by ear, but what happens when you groove quantize a clip and a particular note/transient isn't close to any particular note in the groove template?

And should I be editing my groove templates by adding hits near the 16th notes where there was no transient in the original audio or midi clip?


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    If the base grid of the groove is 16th (which is the default), and some 16th doesn't have a near transient in the clip you want to extract a groove from, the groove acts as if there were a 16th on the grid line. You can drag a groove from the groove pool to a MIDI track: if you see no note on one of the 16th, it means that 16th is "straight" when the groove is applied. No need to add a note or transient.

    Groove in Live is real time and relative, it moves notes towards the groove grid. 

    The way it works is, if a note in a clip is quantized, and a groove is applied to that clip with a Timing of 100%, the note will be moved on the corresponding groove grid line. If a note is not quantized in the original clip, the note will be moved proportionally towards the corresponding groove grid line. This is a reason for the "Quantize" parameter in the Groove Pool: it allows to pre-quantize the clip and therefore make sure all notes are moved to the groove grid lines.

    That aspect of groove allows to have "rolls", made of many notes in between 2 grid lines, and still have these notes play after applying a groove. The roll gets the "feel" of the groove, but are not removed (which a groove/quantize feature would do).

    Hope that helps.

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