Warp Is Acting Weird

Hey - so I'm taking a Master Session with all my songs/scenes in it, and re-saving it as a new session with only a few songs/scenes in it. At this point, none of the songs are warped. 

I then do a "Collect All and Save" 

Then the individual clips all backup and save. BUT...

... when I go to each clip, they are all different:

(a) Some start at 0|0|0, some start at 1|1|1, etc. 

(b) Some clips have one bpm as the segment bpm, and others are different

(c) Even some are warped now in a scene, but not become warped. 


So yeah, I'm super confused if this is a setting thing where I'm saving all the files (Collect All and Save) and then they get changed... Auto-Warp is off.... any help?? :/ 


thesooze 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    Collect all and save has nothing to do with warping whatsoever. It means saving files to the project folder. Files that are in different locations.

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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