VST Plug-In not showing up in Ableton Plug-In folder. (Mac)

I have installed massive and camel crusher on my mac. They install correctly in my VST folder when I install them. However, upon getting in Ableton I realized the plug-ins were not showing up in Ableton!

I didnt really know how to explain this so click on the link below to see a picture.



Look at the window in the background and then at Ableton. What am I doing wrong?



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  • Funk N. Furter
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    First check they are in the right folder, which is in system/library/audio/plugins.

    Are you on 32 or 64 bit Live? Are the plugins 64 bit if your Live version is?

    Have you set the VST folder in Live's preferences? Have you scanned it?




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  • bgelber
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    same problem. i see them in my finder folder, but not i ableton. has this been resolved?

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  • tcrensink
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    If you do not have permission to read the vst file/folder, it will not show up in Ableton.  On a Mac, you can solve this problem by doing the following:

    Find the vst folder in finder, something like:

    /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST  OR

    /Users/(your username)/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

    right click the folder and choose "Get Info".  At the very bottom, click on the yellow lock icon, enter password, and change the file permissions to "read" at least... I don't know if saving settings etc are written to this file, in which case you would need to set both read and write access for your username.  Hope this helps!


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  • birkenhain
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    I have the problem with windows 7. does anyone has an idea, how to solf the problem? Thankyou for answers


    10 months ago | 1 comment
  • neilmcm1975
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    I have the same problem installed the vst in the folder and then they don't show up in the plugins in ableton

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