Using (Warp) Markers on Video track to establish down beats and tempo automation

I have a video file with it's own audio track.  I've imported it into Live 8 and want to create new audio for it, so I've muted the old audio.

My first task is to find out where I want downbeats to fall - I want to record to a click track (MIDI with a keyboard using soft synths) and have a down beat land right on the important video events.  According to the manual and sparse forum posts on this topic, it seems I should set the video to Warp Master and drop some markers where these important events happen.  

When I do this, and then play back the video with the metronome on (no other audio playing), It seems to ignore these Warp markers.  If i move the Warp markers around, I can see it affecting the original audio that came with the video clip, but that doesn't help my goal since that audio track is muted and slated for replacement. 

My basic question is: How do I use Live to set up sets of full measures (assume 4/4) in between visual cues?   Do I drop markers on those cues and then somehow tell Live to make measures in between those cues? 





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    Hi Jason!

    Maybe I don't understand correctly what you're trying to, but it sounds to me like you're actually warping/stretching the video (and the audio that comes with it) by placing and moving around these markers (yes, Live can actually warp video! :)), which I'm guessing you don't want to do cause you probably want the video to stay the same length, speed etc.

    So make sure warp is OFF in the video/audio clip, and after that adjust the master tempo which you can automate in the master track by unfolding the master track, selecting 'mixer' in the first box where it first says 'none' and then where it says 'speaker on' select 'song tempo'. Automating the tempo will probably be necessary since the key moments you'll want to emphasize with the music aren't likely to coincide with the downbeats of a certain tempo, unless the video was edited on a bpm-grid ;)

    Hope this helps!


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