Using Tascam FireOne Transport Controls


Anyone had success with this controller in Live 8?  I'd like to be able to arm & disarm the Global Record switch, initiate and pause playback and arm/disarm individual tracks.  All this appears to be supported according to the built-in Help pages, but I haven't had any success yet.  The MIDI Track In Indicator flashes when I press the controller's buttons, but there's no apparent result other than that.


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    Don't know if you've done this already....

    - Go to Live's preferences and click the midi tab.

    - in the first slot under "control surface", select FireOne

    - now select both the correct input and output

    - check the "track", "sync" and "remote" buttons for the control input and midi ports.


    Also make sure you select the FireOne as "audo device" under the "audio" tab in the preferences, and adjust the settings (driver, device, in- and output, sample rate, etc.)


    All the controls should now work.

    Hope this helps.

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